School Council

The 2013 school council is about to commence transition planning to become a school board once approval to become an Independent Public School (IPS) is confirmed.  Max Kaye AM CitWA is the President.  He considers this to be an honour and takes great pride in this role.  Members of the council are Hilary Palmer, Glen Crowe, Nina Jenkin, Deb Rasmussen, Sonia Abrey, Melanie Wood, Melina Ottobrino, Deb Nuich and Jim Prior.

When Sir David Brand becomes an IPS it will establish a school board. This will provide a range of benefits and flexible options. For example, we will be able to link directly to business and community organisations which will easier access services and sponsorship.  These people may also join parent/carers and key people across the school community on the school board for the betterment of the school and our students. 


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