Secondary pathways

Teachers meet with each family to develop transition plans for life after school. 

The planning for life after school starts well before graduation time. In Term 2 of each year we invite families to our Secondary Pathways meeting. This is a great opportunity to share experiences with other parent/carers. In the past we have invited agencies such as Therapy Focus, Ability Centre and the Department of Communities to discuss the options available. We encourage everyone to come along.

>>Alternatives To Employment Program for Providers Download (Click Here) <<


For information on 'Turning 16 and Disability Support (Financial Assistance)', click here.

List of ATE Providers:

Rise (used to be called Hills Community Care) is based in Middle Swan but has community activities in the Swan/Mundaring shires.

Interwork has an office in Midland and a community based programme.

Crosslinks has an office in Midland and has a community based programme.

We Can Community Services has an office in Midland and a community based programme.

Workpower is based in Osborne Park but they will visit across Perth to design a programme for individuals. They have a disability and mental health focus. They have offered specialised holiday programmes for children with Autism.

Autism Association in West Perth is a specialised service.

Activ has an ATE programme.

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