School staff

The school staff consists of highly competent and engaged members including an Administration team, Teachers, Education Assistants, Chaplain, Speech Pathologist, Social Worker, and Nurses. All staff understand the need for providing a safe and stimulating learning environment for our students. Our evidence-based programs are consistent with internationally recognised best practice.

Principal: Hilary Palmer (on leave) / Glen Crowe (acting)

Deputy Principals: Mae Jorgeson, Kylie Jansze and Melissa Bauer

School Officers: Maria May and Olwyn Waltham

MCS: Charissa Dingle

School Psychologist: Jedda Crow

Chaplain: Rebekah Conway

School Speech Pathologist: Lauren Redman

Occupational Therapist: Ciara Chua


Melissa Bauer and Thomas Zahra - Form 1

Sharon Suckling and Marnie Eaton - Form 2

Simone Rainoldi and Michelle Wiemann - Form 4

Leah Brown - Form 5 

Kate Pawikoska - Form 6

Karl Bauer - Form 7

Susan Stoker - Form 8

Kylie Jansze - Form 9

Harmony Berentson-Phillips - Form 10

Elizabeth Young - Relief


Sir David Brand School has full-time WA Department of Health nurses onsite every day.  They work in collaboration with parents and staff to assist with the care and health of our students including medications and tube feeding.

School Nurses: Grace Easton and Samantha Martino

To contact the School Nurses please call the front office on 9462 6500 and ask to speak to the Nurses about your child. 

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